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The Daily Dozen

Posted by Valerie Anderson-Stallworth on February 9, 2010 at 8:09 PM

"Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree. One of my favorite quotes from Martin Luther. A Daily Dozen: Another of my favorites by Alastair macodrum. 1. Believe in yourself, for you are marvelously endowed. 2. Believe in your job, for all honest work is sacred. 3. Believe in this day, for every minute contains an opportunity to do good. 4. Believe in your family, and create harmony by trust and co-operation. 5. Believe in your neighbor, for the more friends you can make, the happier you will be. 6. Believe in uprightness, for you cannot go wrong doing right. 7. Believe in your decisions; consult God first, then go ahead. 8. Believe in your health; stop taking your pulse, etc., etc. 9. Believe in your church; you encourage others to attend by attending yourself. 10. Believe in the now; yesterday is past recall, and tomorrow may never come. 11. Believe in God's promises; He means it when He says, "I am with you always." 12. Believe in God's mercy; if God forgives you, you can forgive yourself - - and try again tomorrow. I used to recite this to myself every day for about 3 years. It didn't matter what time, or when I said it, as long as I said it. If you don't believe in yourself, who will believe in you? If you don't forgive yourself, who but God will forgive you? I found over and over again, that when my life becomes all snarled up, as it often does, I've learned to offer it up to our Lord, and let Him untie the knots. When we try to untie the knots by ourselves, we often end up with bigger and bigger knots. I've learned to hand my day over to Him, and am learning to listen when He speaks. Today was one of those days. One of the storms of life was raging, but in the midst of the storm, there was a silver lining. Life itself is a series of challenges and tests. It comes fully equipped with pleasure and pain, sunshine and rain. Life is a potpourri of every feeling you could possibly imagine. I have been in many storms, and have stood by the ones I love in the midst of their storms. I do have to tell you that the storm does pass after a while. Nothing last always. Once the thunder stops, the rain stops, and the clouds roll away. You will learn to accept the new day. The new day usually regenerates my life with love and hope, and allows me to realease any pent up frustration or bitterness. I feel like I'd miss a lot of life if I worship the past and yearn for yesterday. The ride home today was unusually long. If it is God's will, I won't have to take this drive for too much longer. I think I've just outgrown the commute, and the added burden of the accident and subsequent surgery have really made it a difficult drive for me. I really don't see the need for the "mega commute" any longer. I am so much more productive working away from the "Big House", and away from so many distractions. God's will, will be done. I received another summons and notice from the court today. Another storm... Dayna is making another veiled attempt to regain custody of the girls. I wouldn't have a problem with them returning to their mother if she would follow the guidelines set forth in the original cour order. The "Petitioner" has failed to abide by the court order to date. What she has managed to do is find another bootleg attorney who will listen to her lies and stories, file another motion, and take her money. My problem lies with a woman who does not have the best interest of her children at heart. At this point I would not be doing what I am supposed to do, "Protect them". Returning them to that environment today would be placing them in harms way. With God as my witness, I will do what is necessary, with His help, to provide them all of the protection they need. They are excelling in school, have good friends, a good church home, and a great network and support system. This storm too shall pass. The house is quiet. Everyone has gone to bed. I am on my way... Father God, I thank you for all of your blessings. I thank you for your Continued Grace and Mercy. I thank you for sending your Son Jesus to die for our sins, and I thank you for the God that you are. Lord I know that if I have not, it's only because I ask not. Tonight, I ask for your guidance and your wisdom. I ask you to look into my heart, and give me what I need to make the right decisions in my life. Lord, I ask that your will be done in my life, and in the lived of those I love. Please send your guardian angels down to Stone Arch Avenue to watch over everyone as they slumber and sleep. Lord I pray that I will awake renewed and regenerated tomorrow, through your Grace. Amen, Amen, and Amen

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