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Posted by Valerie Anderson-Stallworth on June 6, 2010 at 1:30 AM

Motherhood is the greatest privilege of life...  "He settles the... woman in her home as a happy  mother of children.  Praise the Lord."  Psalms 113:9.  Good evening.  What a full day we had today.  A Woman's work is truly never done.   Well, today I didn't accomplish everything I set out to do, but it was a full day indeed.  I want to thank God again for bringing my family close together, and allowing me the opportunity to spend such precious time with my grandchildren. Today was much like any other Sunny Florida weekend.  Willie finally put the Gazeebo together for me.  O how I love that man.  As he lay snoring next to me, I wonder how I could not...  I have to smile because he called himself "going out with the boys" tonight..  I think sometimes he forgets that after 50 you can't call yourself one of the "boys".  I remember a day when Willie would head to the club, and not come home until well after 3:00 am.  I had my days' also.  Hanging with Millie, Donna,and Nisha on any given night meant that I was safe as long as I was in before the sun came up.  LOL  At 12:15, Willie was calling me to see what I was doing.  I didn't comment on the fact that he was supposed to be out with the boys.  I did ask him why he was calling me?  He said he missed me and was on his way home.  Now you see why I'm smiling?  I don't trip anymore when he heads out because I know he can find his way home. (smiling)...  So it is, I believed in raising my girls to understand what life is always about, and be ever prayerful and thankful for all of the blessings God has bestowed upon them.  Monique went all the way to Denver to go to school, fall in love, and start a family, but 26,000 miles was not to far for her to come home.  It's great to be a mother.  Michelle was very successful after graduating a Hurricane from the University of Miami.  She completed school and started her own family.  She too is learning the joy of motherhood, and has brought her family home to nest in our village.  Yes, train up a child the right way, and they will never stray too far from it...  Motherhood is the greatest privilege of life.  Today I enjoyed taking a moment to listen to Michelle vent.  She is such a caring young mother, and will walk over hot searing coals for her boys, Michah, Maurice, and Nathan.  Her mothering instincts are all in tact.  She still has a lot to learn about letting birds free...  LOL  I love my family so very much, and am thankful for each and every day.  Talked to mom today.  She was sounding good and having a great afternoon.  She is improving each and every day.  I love the fact that we talk much like friends these days, and that our relationship, mother/daughter has lasted through the test of time.  Mom, I love you.  You have taught me what it really means to be a mother, wife, loving sister, daughter, woman, and friend.  I pray that you are having a very peaceful and restful night, and am looking forward to our mother daughter talk tomorrow.  Today was also a day full of laughter and memories.  Ran into an old friend recently, Jessie B.  We met in the early 70', while going to school in Woodbridge England, Bentwaters AFB.  What a wonderful time we had as young teenagers.  Jessie posted pics on fb, and the memories came flooding back.  Being an overseas brat has added so much fullness to my life.  I thank my heavely,  and my wordly father for such a wonderful life and childhood, so full of cultural experiences that most live a lifetime for.  I will make sure to stay in touch with all of my old/new friends on fb, and can't wait until the next OSB reunion.  Tonight is gone.  Tomorrow will come before I know it.  I trust that the sun will shine and the birds will sing, and I will have another chance to be a mother.  Again, to me, Motherhood is indeed the greatest privilege of life.  Good night all...

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